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EteSync 2.0 with Kontact is now available!

Adding a new EteSync address book
Native EteSync support in KDE

Hey everyone!

EteSync recently announced the release of EteSync 2.0, which has great improvements over EteSync 1.0 and a completely revamped underlying SDK. I have been working on upgrading the EteSync module for Kontact to the new version, and I am glad to announce that it is now ready for testing! If you use EteSync and KDE, and want to help test the new integration, please read on!

How to install and test the new integration?

Pre built packages:

We already have the project packaged for a few distributions:

  • Arch (AUR): AUR
  • Ubuntu/Debian: deb packages
  • Fedora/CentOS (COPR):

    • dnf copr enable daftaupe/etesync-rs
    • dnf install kdepim-runtime-etesync

Build from source:

  1. Install Kontact (or upgrade it if you have it installed already)
  2. Install the EteSync library

    • Clone libetebase (git clone
    • cd into the cloned folder
    • Install cargo
    • Run the following command(s):

      $ make && sudo make install
  3. Compile and build kdepim-runtime from source:

    • Clone the repo (git clone
    • cd into the cloned folder
    • Run the following commands (make sure you have git and cmake installed):

      $ mkdir build
      $ cd build
      $ cmake ..
      $ make && sudo make install
  4. Restart Akonadi (if it is running)

    $ akonadictl restart
  5. That’s mostly it! Now you can add your EteSync account to Kontact:

    • Open Kontact
    • Open the calendar application (KOrganizer) from the left menu (you can also open KOrganizer directly)
    • Right click on the calendar list and choose “Add Calendar”
    • The EteSync option should show up - select it and click “OK”
    • A configuration dialog should show up - enter your EteSync username and password.
      For self hosters: Click on “Advanced Settings” and enter the full URL of your hosted server (https://…).
    • Your calendar events, tasks and contacts should now show up!

Note: These are general instructions. If you’re facing difficulties in building the project, or in getting the resource working, please head over to the community chat.


Do let us know of any issues you face. You can contact us on the community chat, or email me directly at

Thanks for the support! :D